May 2014

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity | Power Health Talk | Dr. Martin Rutherford | Dr. Randall Gates Today we are discussing a very hot topic in the media, termed non celiac gluten sensitivity. We have had a tremendous amount of feedback from patients regarding reports of a recent study which showed that non celiac gluten sensitivity does not exist, and even more interestingly the study was conducted by the gentleman who […]

The Truth About Fish Oil | Power Health Talk Today’s hangout is on the “Truth About Fish Oil” Many of our patients come to us taking high doses of fish oil, in an effort to decrease their inflammation, lower cholesterol, and promote vascular health. While fish oil can do all of these things, we have found several other factors to be more important […]

Hot Flashes, Going Beyond Hormone Replacement Therapy | Power Health Talk This week we have another fantastic broadcast! We will be discussing the topic “hot flashes, go beyond hormone replacement therapy.” Many with hot flashes, including doctors, are faced with the challenge of using hormone replacement therapy to alleviate their symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy typically consists of taking estrogen derived from a horse and a […]