Chronic Fatigue Treatment Testimonial Reno, NV

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I am ready to enjoy my back for the rest of my life


I’m Getting My Life Back


Fibromyalgia Treatment Reno Patient Testimonial

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Vertigo Treatment Reno NV


I Haven’t Felt Dizzy At All!


This must be what a normal body feels like!


I can go back to work!


This was over a year ago and I am still pain free!

“I was born with a low back deformity which caused me to experience pain over many years. My medical doctor was emphatic that I should undergo surgery, which I did not want to do. Fortunately I learned about the VAX-D program and went through a course of treatments. This was over a year ago and […]

The Vax-D System was the final piece of the puzzle

I had 3 herniated discs in my lower back and sciatica pain down both my legs, especially my right leg. The Vax-D strengthened my back and brought my discs back into alignment. In fact, when I had new x-rays done, the herniation were gone so I know not only did I feel right it was […]